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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
I think anyone who says GSP is a "safe fighter" is clueless. There's no such thing as safe cage fighting, GSP was trying the entire fight to find a spot to finish Carlos but Carlos was way too tough to give him anything.

GSP not finishing Carlos is a sign of Carlos being an animal, GSP doesn't have great submissions, he doesn't have heavy hands and he doesn't have a granite chin (the same kick that knocked GSP down Diaz walked through). GSP does what he can with the tools he has, he gives everything he has yet people still criticize. It's not like he says I'm going to set up the takedown with a punch then lay on him the entire round, GSP goes out determined to give everything he has and he does, he just doesn't have the physical tools to finish people, I don't see how that makes him a safe fighter.

He was tenaciously trying to get passed Condit's guard so your idea that he is content to do barely enough to keep it on the ground is ignorant at best. Condit wrapped GSP up and was extremely effective at not letting GSP mount him, GSP spent a solid 2 minutes trying to get his left leg free in one scramble so he could get side control but Condit wouldn't let go. GSP was jumping up and down trying to shake his leg free but Condit stuck on it knowing it was the only thing preventing him getting seriously hurt. If you are going to insult a fighter's heart and will you better actually found it in reality.
It's a good point I also mentioned in the previous threads. GSP does employ a risk adverse strategy, but he definitely tries to hurt his opponent as much as he can; Fitch, Alves, BJ Penn, Serra, Hughes, and Condit. I believe he seemed very stiff against Shields, was very close to finishing Hardy, Koscheck is the only fight where I think he could have really stepped it up finishing with a left high kick or left hook capitalizing on Koscheck's broken orbital.

I don't think for a second GSP wants to be in there any longer than he wants to be. No intelligent fighter would. It's taxing + damaging to the body and mind to have to go through these wars. You ever spar, imagine how long it takes for them to heal. Some of those injuries never heal properly. GSP like Frankie Edgar are stuck with the tools they have so they gotta put on what I call the "blue collar" work ethic and basically outhustle and outsmart their opponents.

PS: That is interesting that Nick absorbed that same kick although GSP didn't see it. Tricky move. Condit vs Nate Marquardt would be intriguing to me or BJ Penn.

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