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Originally Posted by Trix View Post
one thing ive noticed about TUF is fights to get into the house are when fighters are at their peak.

the rest of the fights can be lackluster and boring in comparison.

sometimes, i get irritated listening to the cornerman and wonder how fighters stand the distraction without getting irritated. it seems like a cornermen yelling at someone to throw the outside leg kick is kind of a dumb move.

its not only distracting the fighter & possibly slowing his response time, its also telling the other fighter exactly what they are going to do in advance.

i was wondering if control freak cornermen could be the cause for boring TUF fights and fighters performing below their peak.

and what ppl think about cornermen who approach things as if it were a video game, where they try to tell their fighter to throw a specific punch or kick in real time.

when manny pacquiao or mike tyson fight, i dont know that their trainers micro manage or try to control their fighters are they're fighting.

it just seems kind of dumb to me when mma trainers try to yell instructions every second of every round. it seems like a backseat driver effect. if a racecar driver had someone in the backseat yelling advice I would think it would cause them to drive slower instead of faster..

and i really wonder how much of a negative effect it could have and whether or not it could actually cause some fighters to perform lower than their peak..
It probably does on TUF because they are in a small gym with a handful of people but at an actual event, you can't even really hear anyone most of the time.
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