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Originally Posted by FBrown View Post
1. BJJ doesn't prepare you for that. If you train BJJ somewhere where you're getting hit in the face when you're rolling then get your money back.

2. Every martial art prepares you for that? No.

3. I've seen a few top notch MMA guys get their ass beat by someone with no prior MMA experience or any martial art at that. Didn't Don Frye get beat down in a hotel lobby? Ever heard Nick Diaz talk about getting his ass beat? And please no one say "they aren't top notch guys." They were/are professional fighters and that's what this discussion is about. All I'm merely saying is that fighting in the octagon and on the street IS two different things. If you put me in a triangle, who is to say I won't just bite off your balls? That kinda thing.

4. No, I'm not lying or trolling or anything. I simply asked a question but alot of people like to look tough on the forum by "calling people out" like that. Either way, I don't train on a full time basis but yeah I train and have had a couple of amateur fights (5 to be exact).
1. Isn't the whole point of learning self defence/martial arts is to avoid getting hit in the face. To protect yourself?

2. Please tell me a martial art that allows you to get hit in the face while attempting a technique.

3. Really? Please elaborate. Oh, and I agree that street fighting and MMA are two different things. Its just that if you're an MMA fighter, as No Mercy said, you stand a much higher chance then if you're untrained. And there probably wouldn't be much need for a feeling out process. I won't talk about my experience because it could be bullshit for all you know but I do, mostly, know what I'm on about. If Diaz or Frye got beatdowns its beacuse of one of these reasons, the other dude was trained, bigger, or there were more of them then the fighter in question.

4. Its cool you're not a troll or anything. We get a few on this forum. I wasn't 'calling you out' or any bullshit like that. lol, don't bother with crap like that. Don't even recall ever having an argument on this forum. Debate yes, disagreements, of course. No calling out, flaming, or any other random Message Board hokum.

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