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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I don't think we are saying it was a PED or anything. But if its a known rule, it still make him an idiot for breaking it.
I disagree. The only idiots I see are the ones in here taking offence to metabolites and insulting a pro fighter over the internet.

I understand jumping on guys for taking PEDs. But your brain should be able tell the difference between someone's decision to smoke a plant, and an athlete taking banned substances for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage.

Didn't Thiago have a big problem with pain killers in the past? So let's just put him back on them because they're legal and smoking is not? Jesus.

Regardless of how many strikes he has against him, this is a whole different situation. Thiago doesn't strike me as the type of guy who does his training scientifically, at least not without some guidance (as his previous test results have shown). It wouldn't surprise me at all if 75% of his team mates at the Blackzillians smoke and they just flush it from their system properly.

I should say that I understand the suspension, you'll find no argument for that here. He signed a contract and 'rules are rules'. But I should also say that I think anyone who is surprised or upset over this particular incident should be embarrassed.

Originally Posted by Proud German View Post
This is typical. I am not surprised, not surprised at all. Absolutely typical. I am not surprised. Thank the world that there are rules for these things. If these people can't follow simple rules then theres no hope for them.
Were you surprised?

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Red Panty night is a real thing.
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