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Originally Posted by FBrown View Post
1. BJJ doesn't prepare you for that. If you train BJJ somewhere where you're getting hit in the face when you're rolling then get your money back.

2. Every martial art prepares you for that? No.

3. I've seen a few top notch MMA guys get their ass beat by someone with no prior MMA experience or any martial art at that. Didn't Don Frye get beat down in a hotel lobby? Ever heard Nick Diaz talk about getting his ass beat? And please no one say "they aren't top notch guys." They were/are professional fighters and that's what this discussion is about. All I'm merely saying is that fighting in the octagon and on the street IS two different things. If you put me in a triangle, who is to say I won't just bite off your balls? That kinda thing.

4. No, I'm not lying or trolling or anything. I simply asked a question but alot of people like to look tough on the forum by "calling people out" like that. Either way, I don't train on a full time basis but yeah I train and have had a couple of amateur fights (5 to be exact).
I agree with part of what you are saying.

I don't feel like BJJ, by itself, will fully prepare you for unarmed combat. Don't get me wrong, it puts you at a huge advantage considering how easy it is to control untrained guys in grappling situations, but you're right to say that most BJJ practitioners are unprepared for strikes. That being said, some are just tough mofos who can just tank through tough shots. Also, while there definitely are exceptions to this, most untrained people don't hit very hard.

It's also true that there probably wouldn't be a feeling out process, due to the hectic nature of a street fight. That's where it comes down to high good the trained guy's fundamentals are. If you train in a striking art and have a good foundation, you should be able to hit harder than an untrained guy and generally be in a position and/or posture where he cannot hit you back very hard.

At the end of the day, the winner of a striking duel is determined by who can hit harder, who can hit more/who can take more hits, and who can avoid getting hit.

If you factor in proper mechanics for striking, the trained fighter should have the advantage in power, though there are freaks out there who just naturally pack a punch. The trained fighter should be landing more, via combinations. The trained fighter should be more durable, since his body and mind are conditioned to taking punishment. And with his footwork, head movement, head positioning, and proper fighting posture, the trained fighter should take significantly less damage.

The advantage would certainly go to the trained fighter, if he has the fundamentals ingrained. Of course, anything can happen, so it's not a guarantee. That being said, the odds heavily favor the guy who has put in work at the gym. However, it takes time for all of these things to be ingrained. 6 months - a year of regular training might afford someone this advantage. 4

Also, it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to bite someone's nuts if you're in a remotely proper triangle.

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