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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
There is a lot wrong with this imho. Fights on tuf suck because the guys don't want to take injuries they are out of their comfort zone and they already figure they've got a shot in the ufc. If Dana gives a single contract only to the winner this year things will be different. Not to mention mostnof the guys carbon there for personality not talent.

Second all coaches are yelling at all times even during the big fights. When you are there live you hear them. You don't hear it on the tv broadcast because they fade it out in the truck. It does however depends on the fighter. Some guys want step by step instruction and want to be given commands like a video game others just want general direction or whatever it depends on the fighter. But no coach is just dead quiet the whole time. You best believe Manny and Tyson were getting yelled at. I've watched Manny spar in person his corner is never quiet.

Oh and I don't know a ton about Nascar but I know for a fact they have a guy in their ear the entire four hundred lap race. Why do you think fighters change gyms and suddenly step up a whole level it's not just the training partners fighters have teams too.

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I don't think I explained what I wanted to say very well.

What I mean to say is, when fighters don't have cornerman during the fights to get into the house on TUF. It seems as if they fight better at a higher level than they do with the latter fights where they have cornermen constantly yelling instructions.

A fighter in a cage trying to split his attention between his opponent and his corner might be compared to driving while talking on your cell fone, or driving while texting?

It might be better to focus on one thing than try to multi-task?

In TUF fights that are boring or seem as if fighters are freezing up. It could be a result of sensory / information overload. Trying to keep track of what an opponent is doing and what your corner is saying could be asking a lot. In some cases, a person will tune out the sounds around them and won't hear anything.

Maybe a corner offering instructions can be useful, but it could be a thing someone would need to train to get used to. If its a thing that results in sensory overload it may be that it'll cause a person to freeze and not respond as well as they could.

If driving while texting or talking on your cell fone is bad and causes accidents, I don't really know that fighting while talking to your corner is a great idea.

In some instances it could be really good to have a corner offering advice. Like say in the Okami vs Boetsch fight where Okami was rocked and it seemed like he didn't know wht to do in that situation. If his corner told Okami to tie Boetsch up or try to take him down to give himself time to recover, that might have been invaluable.

But in the case of Silvas fight with Bonnar. Silva's corner was yelling instructions at him and Silva pretty much just ignored everything they said. Maybe if they weren't saying anything useful they were just being a distraction to Silva and in a sense hindering him?

Its just something I've been thinking about...

Thanks for feedback.

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