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So, being thrown to the ground by Demian Maia is automatically demerit to Sonnen's wrestling skills? He could not just have been caught off guard, not expecting that trip, making a judment error or just been outsmarted by Maia at that moment?
So here is a proof even the "creme de la creme", Jon Jones, can be caught off guard and taken down not by a professional fighter like Maia, but by a very small Brazilian reporter, in this crazy TV fighting challenge sequence where he(Marinho, the reporter)faced already Lyoto and JDS.
It's an entertaining summary of the whole program. Enjoy:
I don't think that demerit Jones wrestling

Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Your passive aggression is really a thing of beauty. It's great the way you are trying to spin this around on me.
That was a pearl. Me trying to spin things around? I am not the one offending anyone. Looks like you are enjoying some sort of free pass to call ppl out of their minds, pricks, morons and asses in this forum. List of insults is increasing by the post.

Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
You respond to a multi-paragraph post I made earlier in this thread with one line:

"lame example man".
The exact part of your multi-paragraph post I think is a lame example was quoted in my post. It looked clear I had nothing to say about the rest of your post.

Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Your post here served no purpose other than to bait me into an attack or argument, congratulations, mission accomplished. You knew exactly what you were doing.

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As for me forcing my opinion, I think it's probably universally agreed that Chael Sonnen is not THE best MMA wrestler in this sport. I'd be shocked if any one on this forum actually believes that Chael Sonnen is the best wrestler in the game today.
You did not say "is the best today" in your post, man. Stop changing words along the way to fix your point. You said "was ever", what is a big different thing. Sonnen is no longer a kid, you know.
Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Any one who believed Chael was ever the better MMA wrestler was out of their god damn minds.

Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Chael Sonnen got lateral dropped and flipped straight onto his head, I'd call that a bit of a rag dolling. The move was very Jon Jones esque. I also certainly wouldn't class Rick Story a great wrestler. He's decent, yes, great? I wouldn't say so.
So now is just a bit of rag dolling? Ok, then.
Fight Magazine has Rick Story in high regard:

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