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Originally Posted by lithium101 View Post
Share your experiences. What do you like and dislike about your current MMA or kickboxing gym or previous gyms as far as membership costs, location, instructors, drills, sparring, equipment, etc? What improvements would you like to see?
The damn costs; $100+ per month. As for training...before fight time the training becomes ultra intense. I passed out we had to do resistance training over and over and over and over. Try running, sprinting, more running with a partner pulling you back, leap frogging, doing wheel barrels, switch, then modified wheel barrels where you have to do push ups, then carry a 185-200 pounder around like a sack of potatoes all in 10 minutes after the workout session. Oh throw in leg lifts where you angle off from left, middle to the right which counts as 1 rep...and you have to do 30 of em after I did 500 crunches the night before. Pain...

Whoever designed burpees deserves a kick to the liver.

End rant/

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