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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
There have been a few that were tough because the guy I liked lost, but generally speaking if I feel like it was a fair loss a good stopage or decision I don't get too upset.

Fitch v Hendricks was pretty tough to swallow only because I felt like Fitch had survived shots like that from GSP but that was probably about the hardest one to take as a clean loss. Most of the losses that would be hard to take I saw coming, Shogun v Jones, Wand v Leben. When Rory got stopped by Condit that was rough.

I generally only go ape shit when I feel like it was a horrible call and then it usually has little to do with the guy that won or lost just the terrible call.

I got pretty pissed about Shogun v Machida I. And not to be that guy but Diaz v Condit. I got pretty heated after that fight, nothing to do with the way Condit fought, I was disappointed it wasn't more of a barn burner but I had scored it 3-2 for Diaz.
I just watched the Condit vs Rory fight again like 2 hours ago and i have to say that i forgot how well Rory did in rounds 1 and 2. Round 1 he completely kicked Condits ass and round 2 not as much but kept kicking his ass. Round 3 Condit turned it up and beat Rory down all round BUT he never got the tko finish. It was actually a bad stoppage by the ref. He stopped the fight when Condit was beginning to lay his head on Rorys chest after throwing a blow. And with 9 seconds left in the fight it should have been a decision win for Rory.

My toughest loss

Mike Swick losing to Okami. That killed me on the inside. There were couple of girls over too that i didnt know too well. So when my eyes got teary i went to the bathroom to wash my face. Next day my friend girl tells me her cousin thinks im hot and likes me. I off-course respond with 'Well ofcourse she likes me... look at me' and 5min later she tells her i said that and then her cousin says "Well i dont like him anymore".

Good times...

How to lose a girl in 2 seconds by Sidiez.

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