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I remember Machida/Shogun 2 very well, sadly.

I was a senior in high school and I had spent the last seven months telling my friends, classmates and pretty much anyone who dared talk about the fight that Machida just had a bad night and Shogun had his best and it still wasn't enough and that in the rematch it would be Shogun's ass. The Friday before the fight, I had the balls to walk in with my 104 walk out shirt and I basically thought I was hot shit and that there would be some tears the next night.

Needless to say, me, my friends, and a few people in my history and physical science class got together so a bunch of people that I had previously bragged too were there to see it and when Machida got KO'ed I couldn't do anything but hold my head down, I literally sat there, karate gi and everything and just held my head down as the entire place went crazy.

The next day everyone mocked me and laughed at me, my english teacher even got in on the action, I went to go get my stuff for graduation and I thought she was mad at me because I was late but then she said "I thought Machida was unbeatable?" I was humiliated by those cruel people but I was sure Machida would beat him in the rematch, so I just phased it off as "lucky punch" even though I don't really believe in such a thing, I was convinced Machida would win 9/10 times.

Then Rampage beat him and I got mad over that one, and of course more recently, there was Alves/Kampmann, I had to take a walk after that one and fight back a few tears, I was literally shaking during Diaz/Penn too, I just wanted to give up after that one.

But nothing hurt more than Machida's first loss, I got shit for a week over that one!

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