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Originally Posted by Couchwarrior View Post
When I apply a triangle I usually try to hook the guy's leg with my arm on the same side that my leg is against his neck, to secure a good choking angle. Although we don't slam each other in class, I think that grip also makes it pretty hard to do that. However, grabbing his leg in that way leaves your face open for strikes from his free arm, especially if you're using your other hand to adjust your legs of pull down his head. Although someone who doesn't know how to defend a triangle won't have many seconds to do so.

No offense, but I find it a bit unbelievable that someone who has been training bjj for 2 years would still think a triangle will put you in a position where your opponent can bite your balls.
I've seen it happen believe it or not. There is also the possibility of someone grabbing your balls as well. Guillotine? Sure thing. I've seen guys put a thumb in the eye or the rib and that choke doesn't last long. And hey, I never claimed to be a black belt or anything (I'm a blue belt) but I've been training about 2 days a week for 2 years now and have yet to miss a day. I'm also not arguing that a pro fighter would definitely get beat in a street fight, I'm just saying it's much more possible than people like to think. There's no referee, no rules, no one to pull you off when you aren't protecting yourself.
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