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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
When did......

Must've been around the same time you became a witty, insightful poster.
Does being a witty and insightful poster rank amongst your aspirations?

I'm sorry to confess, its not something that is interesting or important to me. Not necessarily because I have better things to do or anything like that.

But moreso because if I had insight that was worth something I would keep it to myself and not post it on a forum for those who were complete strangers to enjoy. In a sense being an insightful posters is contradictory being that if a poster really were insightful and had valuable info to post, they would probably be a professional in a gym somewhere training professionals & answering their calling.

What's the point in being an insightful or witty poster? Do people quit their day jobs and memorize a thesaurus on the long and lonely road to becoming a witty and insightful poster on an mma forum? Explain the value of that to me, plz?

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
When did Richard Dawkins become an architect?
It was intended to be ironic and satirical. Nvm.

EDIT: Waiting on your witty comeback mister witty forum poster...

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