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Been playing some hands vs these bots tonight. The limit bot is, as expected, much more solid than the no limit bot. The NL bot is passive with his value hands post flop, is seemingly wildly inconsistent with his bet sizing (which probably makes his less exploitable but to an extent that it is likely -EV), and he has limp-folded the button twice. Granted I've only played him over a tiny sample ~200 hands, but this bot is definitely beatable.

Either way it's fun to play him. When playing an opponent like this who you know will not adapt to your pattern of play, but play what the bot thinks is the optimal strategy from a game theory standpoint, it makes you sharpen your mind and really put a lot of thought into basics like board patterns and bet sizing.

I have to say again, every decent HUNL player will beat this particular bot over a large sample. The limit bot is another story.

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