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A little more detail.

Benson Henderson vs Nate Diaz

Like GSP in the Condit fight, Bendo's legs are far more massive than Diaz' legs. I think wrestle strength will be the deciding factor and Bendo will grind Diaz out to a UD.

Diaz will be reluctant and conservative with his boxing wanting to avoid the takedown & that'll be all the edge Bendo needs to eek out the win.

Shogun Rua vs Alexander Gustafsson

When Shogun fought Liddell, he was mobile and quick on his feet. He blitzed forward with a left hook to cinch teh game over. Somewhere along the path of lyfe, Shogun transformed into Rocky Balboa. Like Rampage, no longer was he quick or nimble on his feet, he was only capable of plodding forwards cautiously at a slow and predictable rate diminishing his chances of getting inside on taller foes.

Gustafsson is a taller foe indeed, but whether or not that matters is questionable due to wikileaks crediting Shogun with an identical wingspan & reach statistic to Gustafsson.

I think Gustafsson will use his speed and mobility to make Shogun look flatfooted. Unlike Vera and Hendo, Gustafsson won't stand in front of Shogun (anymore than he stood in front of Thiago Silva) and that'll make all the difference.

BJ Penn vs Rory Macdonald

In some fights BJ has shown great striking. In the Fitch fight he showed great wrestling. It remains an open ended question as to whether BJ can combine the two and transition fluidly between them within the span of milli-seconds to succeed in becoming a well rounded mma fighter.

In a sense, Rory has been training his wrestling and transitions much longer than BJ has even though BJ is older and has had a much longer career. I just think the time lapse and size / weight deficits will be too much of an obstacle for BJ to overcome.

I hope I'm wrong it would be great to see BJ retire on a big win and redeem himself against someone from GSP's tristar gym. But I'm not holding my breath.

Mike Swick vs Matt Brown

AFAIK, they're close to being equally matched in terms of experience and abilities[?] The main difference may be Swick having better striking and KO power. Swick via technical striking.

Prelims on FX
Brendan Schaub vs Lavar Johnson

Two guys who are close to being evenly matched. The biggest difference may be the durability of their chins. Lavar's chin is more bullet proof and durable and like a stone colliding with glass, the outcome might not be difficult to imagine?

Ramsey Nijem vs Joe Proctor

I suspect Nijem has an edge over Proctor in all areas. Nijem via ______.

Yves Edwards vs Jeremy Stephens

Stephens is a power puncher the weakness in his striking has been a lack of technical proficiency. Yves is a high level technical striker. On paper it looks like a match tailor made for Yves to earn a W. On paper...

Dennis Siver vs Nam Phan

Not a clue. Picking Siver as he seems to have defeated the bigger name & more dangerous ppl.

Raphael Assuancao vs Mike Easton

Clueless. Choosing Easton as he seems to have defeated the tougher competition.

Michael Chiesa vs Marcus Levesseur

Levesseur's loss to Cody McKenzie via mckenzitine may have revealed jiu jitsu is his kryptonite. Chiesa is a man who has jits in spades. Chiesa via sub.

Prelims on Facebook
Daron Cruickshank vs Henry Martinez

Cruickshank has striking and wrestling. Martinez only seems to have striking[?] Cruickshank via well roundedness.

Scott Jorgenson vs John Albert

I think Albert hits harder than Jorgenson and may have equal or better technique. Jorgenson could have the edge in wrestling but considering his reluctance to clinch or grapple in his recent fights, it could be a stand up fight in which case I would expect Albert to have the advantage.

Tim Means vs Abel Trujillo

Can't really remember either of these guys, taking a wild guess.

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