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Originally Posted by lithium101 View Post
Hi, I am considering opening up my own business, and one of my choices are to open up an MMA facility somewhere in northern VA for people to come for open training and sparring. Depending on how well we do, we might eventually implement a specific training system and hopefully become licensed to compete...but let's not jump ahead.

The goal of this thread is to gather each of your experiences at various schools and explain what you liked and disliked, and what you would expect. You don't need to give any specific names where you trained. I have personally trained a few years at various kick boxing schools through out northern VA. In my experience, there are lots of problems I've encountered, such as location, training methods, instructors, drills, equipment, sanitation, rules, costs, etc. I know that running any business is serious, and it takes a great deal of dedication and commitment. This discussion would be a good starting point.

So, please share your experiences and thoughts.

Get real trainers with solid credentials rather than watered down classes capitilizing on the MMA trend. I saw a Karate/Taekwondo dojo teaching "mma" and wondered if it were all marketing. Maybe, maybe not. You know it's because of the popularity of the UFC that thousands of schools have spawned and being opened by fighters themselves.

Oh and one thing you might never think about is this. CLEAN the mats after EVERY training session not just at the end of the day and implement a must shower rule. It'll go a long ways for the longevity of the studio. Then before all that you gotta recruit students. See what other schools are around your area.

Good luck!

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