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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Hockey isn't a good example with all the rule changes offensive players get so much space it's unreal. Gretzky Yzerman Mario Howe all would smash the nhl today. More like Crosby and Ovey would be in hell trouble playing with them in their time.

Football would be better anyone think the 72 dolphins or the 85 bears would even crack 500 in the modern nfl.

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Yeah, because it's the legal hits that end guy's careers in hockey...

I was more commenting on the mean spirited Marty McSorely/Todd Bertuzzi/Zdeno Chara hits that Gretsky would be taking from guys after he scored 3 goals on them in a playoff game. Gretsky would look a lot like a Sedin twin if he played today: Putting up huge numbers in the regular season and then getting cheap-shotted in game one of the playoffs by some thug the other team only pays to hurt finesse players.

Crosby's having enough trouble making it to retirement with even one functioning brain cell in his own era. No need for time travel there.

Rutten's problem would be getting lay and prayed, wall and stalled or taken down and submitted all while only having 15 minutes to work and working under a rule set that favors wrestlers. The 'gameplanners' of today would exploit his weakness on the ground and he wouldn't be getting any of those Rutten/Randleman decisions in the modern UFC.

Rutten would KTFO a few guys and then he'd run into guys who fight just to win, and like all real fighters, he'd probably 'lose' to them. Also, Dana's ridiculous stripping of Diaz's title shot would look like nothing compared to what Dana would start doing once Rutten opened his mouth.

Rutten wouldn't put up with any of Dana's shit. And people would listen because Rutten is such a well-spoken guy. Dana couldn't afford to have Rutten going around airing his dirty laundry to the world because you can't discredit Rutten the way you can these other guys that call Dana out.

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