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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
So, being thrown to the ground by Demian Maia is automatically demerit to Sonnen's wrestling skills? He could not just have been caught off guard, not expecting that trip, making a judment error or just been outsmarted by Maia at that moment?
So here is a proof even the "creme de la creme", Jon Jones, can be caught off guard and taken down not by a professional fighter like Maia, but by a very small Brazilian reporter, in this crazy TV fighting challenge sequence where he(Marinho, the reporter)faced already Lyoto and JDS.
It's an entertaining summary of the whole program. Enjoy:
I don't think that demerit Jones wrestling


That was a pearl. Me trying to spin things around? I am not the one offending anyone. Looks like you are enjoying some sort of free pass to call ppl out of their minds, pricks, morons and asses in this forum. List of insults is increasing by the post.

The exact part of your multi-paragraph post I think is a lame example was quoted in my post. It looked clear I had nothing to say about the rest of your post.


You did not say "is the best today" in your post, man. Stop changing words along the way to fix your point. You said "was ever", what is a big different thing. Sonnen is no longer a kid, you know.

So now is just a bit of rag dolling? Ok, then.
Fight Magazine has Rick Story in high regard:
Stop arguing semantics and grasping at straws. No Chael Sonnen should NEVER have been considered the greatest wrestler in MMA. Not today, not yesterday, not last year, not ever. He's really done absolutely nothing to ever prove he was the greatest MMA wrestler in the game. You are the one trying to twist words around here, not me.

I've already seen that video and I hope posting that was some kind of a joke on your behalf. If not then, I don't really know what to say. Comparing Jon Jones messing around in a training session to Chael Sonnen competing in a high level MMA bout with lots on the line......Terrible point to make.

I also couldn't care less what "fight magazine" has to say about Rick Story. He isn't and hasn't ever been a great wrestler. He's a good wrestler and is a strong dude, that's about it.

Again, I will repeat myself. If you're not going to back up a point with valid explantions and reasoning, then don't post at all. The entire post which started all of this mess came from your; "lame post man....." rubbish. Where was your reasoning? Where was your explanation, at least in my initial post I backed up and explained my opinion. You just posted a one line post with no reasoning what so ever behind it, clearly trying to bait me into an argument.

Go away. We're done here.
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