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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
How is it stupid?

It's well known the VADA testing starts three weeks before a fight.

It's also well known that Victor Conte has stated that guys can do one cycle and have the effects of PEDs for over 2 months.

Now Rory coincidentally gets a cut a week before his testing starts and pushes it back another month.
Because your whole "Rory is on steroids" stance is stupid. He has never been popped for it and simply showing his progression in size isn't enough. He started young enough that with the proper exercise routine - like you might get at GSP's main gym - he could easily have made that progression.

And then going on paranoid rambles about him cutting himself intentionally - in a manner that may interfere with his career as it progresses - without any proof what so ever doesn't make it look any smarter. It just makes you look like a troll. Especially when you say that even if he tests clean you won't believe it. Which means you will never believe he isn't roiding because in your little fantasy world you've already declared him guilty.

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