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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
You playing in the mirrion? Good luck man. I'm playing a few tourneys tonight aswell. Was thinking about the million but the buy-in it's a bit steep for me atm.

Right now I'm registered/playing in these:
MicroMillions-098: $22 NL Hold'em Main Event [$1M Gtd, $150K+ to 1st!]
The Bigger $11 [$120K Gtd]
$3.30+R NL Hold'em [$20K Gtd]
MicroMillions-097: $11 NL Hold'em [Sunday Storm Special Edition, $300K Gtd]

Will probably play some more, how many more depends on how I'm feeling.

Let's goooo

Edit: Decided to try to sat into Sunday Million. Lost with AK against A9 all in pre for a Million ticket ****.

Edit: Early double up in the MicroMillions $11, AA>QQ all in preflop.
Well, only several small cashes throughout the course of the two week return to online poker. Must say competition is a lot stiffer now, but I did beat inyourmind34 which I'm quite pleased. I knew he was tough, but didn't realize how good he was. My AK held up vs his A10 flush draw giving me chip leader status. Sadly I would lose set over set later on. Right then and there it showed me A.) there's too many variables B.) in order to win long term one has to play high volume C.) consistency and patience rule the day

I'm conflicted to see whether I should continue online as I have to run my own business and playing poker part time or on the side is extremely time consuming as I'd like to go at it full time. Live games are different as I play once or twice a week in tournies or cash games.

This is my candid assessment on online poker.

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