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Originally Posted by xbrokenshieldx
plus if our govt makes it harder for people to buy guns, it will be harder for criminals to get guns
Not in the slightest. They'll just go somewhere else. Whether its a gun runner, or another country, or make one. They are not that hard to build, if you really wanted to build one. There was some article about kids in Pakastan making machine guns in there workshop.

Originally Posted by Kodanshi
And this suddenly turns it into a totally anti–Islamic thing now, as opposed to one against a country with relatively easy access to guns and a triggerhappy mindset that even kids ascribe to (eg Columbine shootings)? I wondered how long before they found a scapegoat instead of tackling the very real issues at hand.
Realatively easy access? What is your experience with buying guns in America? Mine is purchasing 6 guns and I probably have a better idea of the "easy access to guns". I play "triggerhappy" games, does that make me a potential murderer? Nope. As far as Columbine and the Virginia Tech shootings go, do you think if a student or a teacher on the campus had a CCW this could have been stopped early? Probably. Isn't it funny how shootings always happen in gun free zones? I suppose the criminal realizes he won't get hurt on the job. Huh? Even in Japan where they completely illegalized firearms, a government official (I think a mayor) was shot. Oh its ok, its a gun free zone.
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