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GSP once again "delaying" the possibility of this fight happening rather than just admitting that he's not interested in fighting Silva at all. Saw this coming months before the Condit fight. GSP is a very intellegent person. I'm pretty sure he understands that Anderson is 37 years old, and might possibly be at the end of the road at this point in time. For this fight to be as big as possible, it must be sooner rather than later and the fact the GSP still doesn't want this fight tells me that this will never happen.

Welp, atleast now we can kill talks of a superfight and start talking about something that is within the realm of possibility, which is GSP vs Johny Hendricks. People need to start seeing the reality the none of these "Superfights" are ever going to happen. JBJ vs AS will never happen. AS vs GSP will never happen.

Interested in hearing Danas responce to this situation...
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