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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
Who cares really. It's a fun fight but makes little sense. Anderson has been fighting at 205 a few times now, if anything he should go after Jon Jones. Meanwhile GSP has a guy on his division who's knocking contenders out left and right. A fight with Hendricks makes much more sense.
So, Anderson should move up a weight and go after Jon Jones, yet GSP shouldnt move up a weight and fight Anderson?

I've said it a few times, Jones is amazing, to me the greatest LHW of all time, but at the end of the day I remember Machida being called "unbeatable". Jones as it stands IS a flavour of the month. He's been on top for what? Two years? GSP and Anderson have been legends for years now. GSP could have lost to Condit, and Anderson could have lost to Bonnar, and nothing would change. It's two fighters with just one weight class between them who are practically already hall of famers. Jones won't have the oppertunity to solidify himself to their level and fight Anderson cause I'd see Spider retiring by then. Otherwise, it would always feel to me that it's a bigger and younger man taking advatnage of a fading legend's name. Anderson and GSP are completley on par with their career highlights right now. It's the right time, and doesnt harm either. GSP is #2 behind Anderson, with maybe Fedor in the mix. If GSP beats Anderson, he becomes the greatest of all time. All the money in the world wouldnt mean as much as that to a fighter, or anyone in their respective trade. This is basically his only chance to be the best. The best WW Vs the best of all time, those titles arent even compairable.

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