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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
Yeah I agree totally, online poker, and tourneys in particular, is a ridiculously hard grind. The majority of the time you'll spend 7-8 hours of your day plowing through the field only to lose a coinflip when the blinds catch up to you, on the bubble or for a min-cash. It's a super tough way to make a living. I find the cash games a lot easier to deal with, as you can better manage your own hours and play when you feel like it. The really big money is in the tournaments, and if you play well and run well you can bink a huge score, but it's a grind man, a real grind. My hats off to the MTT grinders out there.
It's a hard way to make an easy living.

Came in just under 40th place out of 3190ish players and all I made was $20. The tournies are very top heavy which means you need to place in the top 10. Even still the "real money" is top three. I know it can happen as I have colleagues who have cashed in the WSOPs. My plan is to retire from my job then play so I don't have to worry about money. I believe psychologically one plays differently if they have backers on the line or playing with money they need for their mortgage. In that respect Paul Dotcom Phillips, Phil Gordon, and Guy Liberte are ones to emulate even though he may not be a good poker player...lolz...he can definitely afford it. From what I know and heard MANY of the pros are staked.

How many hours are you putting in. Assessing my options at the moment. I was about to put in a sizeable chunk as these last two weeks were a test run. Then I realized how much work I have to put in. Screws up my biological clock and my health goes down the toilet...lolz! That's one thing about poker. If you notice, most people are pretty unhealthy. They eat chips, Gatorade, energy drinks, candy bars, or in Mike Matusow's case meth to stay awake...ROFLZ!

How much of an advantage does poker tracker provide. What kind of info does it give on your opponents. Bet patterns, post flop %, pre-flop bets, aggression, showdown, chart wins/losses, career EV, etc.

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