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Originally Posted by Josh3239
Not in the slightest. They'll just go somewhere else. Whether its a gun runner, or another country, or make one. They are not that hard to build, if you really wanted to build one. There was some article about kids in Pakastan making machine guns in there workshop.

Realatively easy access? What is your experience with buying guns in America? Mine is purchasing 6 guns and I probably have a better idea of the "easy access to guns". I play "triggerhappy" games, does that make me a potential murderer? Nope. As far as Columbine and the Virginia Tech shootings go, do you think if a student or a teacher on the campus had a CCW this could have been stopped early? Probably. Isn't it funny how shootings always happen in gun free zones? I suppose the criminal realizes he won't get hurt on the job. Huh? Even in Japan where they completely illegalized firearms, a government official (I think a mayor) was shot. Oh its ok, its a gun free zone.
actually numerous studies have shown that stricter gun laws do make it harder for people to get guns. Think about if its drugs.. if the police decide to crack down a certain drug, say crack, then the purchase of the drug becomes more difficult to do. therefore the dealers are taking more risk in dealing the crack and in turn want more money for their product. the same thing happens with firearms. A large majority of violent crime and crime in general is done by those who are below poverty line, by people who may not be able to afford guns if the prices did go up.

however the real problem lies with people carrying guns not people owning guns. i think what we need is harsher punishment for those who are caught with guns on them and even confiscating the guns. stricter regulations on who is allowed to buy hand guns may help as well. I am not too concerned about the hunting rifle that you have in your closet as much as the hand gun in someones pants.
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