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Originally Posted by Hawndo View Post
Feel bad for Hallman, that is so sad to hear. Hope everything works out okay.

Typical of the internet for a thread like this to simply degenerate into bashing the dudes religion. As an atheist I find religion silly, but if him using God as a way to rationalise and make this horrible time much less hard then what's the big deal? Who cares if it helps ease him a bit, be much easier than if it happened to me and all I had to say was "damn I have shitty luck".
Because he's putting that crap in the public domain. This guy is saying outright God chose to burn his house down. So what about hypothetical mother who's family was killed in the recent storm on the East Coast, how does she feel when she reads his nonsense?

There's people suffering all over the world, children being abused and killed and lives ruined by war. As far as Hallman is concerned, God decides all of this. Sure, that's not what he's said but let's face it he may as well have.

Or do we pick and chose what we hold God responsible for? A bit like interpretations of the bible
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