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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
He's a scumbag.

He always comes off as holier-than-thou yet on multiple occassions curls up in a ball and tries to get everyone to pity him.

This dude is a pro fighter, there isnt a way in hell I'm going to donate money to a grown man without accident insurance when far more needy people need it.

He misses weight against Makdessi, instead of owning up to it, he makes a bunch of excuses and then pulls the whole self-righteous indignation and mocks Makdessi for missing weight in his next fight which had absolutely nothing to do with him.

Then he misses weight again and plays the whole sob story all the while publicly humiliating his wife "OHHHH MY WIFE IS A DRUG ADDICT! SPARE ME!". It's not like we know this is even true for that matter...I mean hell...if a judge gave his kids to a drug addict, what the **** does that said about Dennis Hallman?

That is the stupidest piece of shit excuse to rant on someone I have ever read online, and I've been on ******* Sherdog you dumbass.

He's a scumbag because he misses weight? And you wouldn't donate because of this fact? it's fair enough you don't wanna donate, but to bring up the whole scumbag tag you've given him on weight issues? I agree we don't know the full situation on his problems with his wife, but why publically bring it up if it were not true?

you're just ranting for the sake of ranting and just getting attention for yourself, yet again!

dumbest shit I will ever read, you've outdone yourself Roflcopter, you've said some really stupid crap in your life but this sucks shit sweetheart!
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