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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Hendricks was taken down by Rick Story and beat.

But that is obviously the fight a lot of you want.

Yea, good call.

EDIT: Agree fully with the top post on this page as well.

38 year old ANderson should move to 205 to fight Jones. But GSP shouldn't meet Anderson at 178. Hypocrisy at its finest.
these posts are all pure ignorance. Ignorance of the fighters' skillsets and the odds of each fight.

GSP vs. Silva = 90% silva win
Silva vs. Jones = 50/50

yeah, let's all watch a guy get his ass beat because we don't like actual fights. If you want to see GSP get his ass handed to him then sure this fight makes sense, everyone obsesses over the weight issues while they have no clue about how the actual fights would go. Anderson would humiliate GSP, that's why he don't take the fight. Jones vs. Silva is a close fight, holy crap what crazy people we are for not wanting to see a one-sided beat down. Now make some ignorant comment about how GSP needs to move up and prove himself or some garbage like that.

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