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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Right. Lets focus on the loss. Not his fights since then. That makes total sense when determining good matchups.

... from now on, im going to look at a contenders fights from two years previous. That's how I'm going to judge whether they deserve it or not.
He KO'd Fitch in like 13 seconds and KO'd a guy who leaves his chin up in the air as if he was taught to do it. Doesn't change the fact GSP would out-wrestle him. Doesn't change that he is the run of the mill contender at 170. Doesn't change the fact that he should have lost a very close fight with Kos. Kos is a guy who doesn't have any striking compared to GSP. A guy who is about even in teh wrestling department. Yea, Hendricks has power, like other guys had aspects as well.

Hendricks deserves a title shot. Anderson/GSP deserves to happen. Unless you think GSP would just absolutely get trashed by Anderson, then I don't understand how anyone can be more excited for a Hendricks fight over an Anderson fight?

I think GSP would get trashed...but so does most everyone else. But that is a once in a career type of fight. And I don't believe it would have much of anything to do with size. It would have to do with superior technique, hand-eye coordination, fighting intelligence, accuracy, and confidence.

People sit out all the time. I couldn't care less if Hendricks was shelved for a while. It isn't 6th grade basketball. Shit happens. Its a business.

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