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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
To be fair, what chance did Chael have? Anderson's MAJOR downside is his takedown defence. As much as I love his fighting, Anderson is heavily overrated on here. Against a good wrestler (who stays awake long enough to go for a TD), will usually manage to take him down without great effort. If they have good enough sub defence (and arent gassed (Lutter), rocked (Hendo) or have shit sub def (Sonnen), they can probably get around his Jitz. His BJJ is his most overrated asset to me, with his only impressive performance off his back being in the second Sonnen fight to me. If GSP can take the fight down, I think he has a huge chance of winning.

To me, Sonnen's high points are GSP's low. Sonnen rushes takedowns and it works. He walked in against Anderson and took him straight down. GSP works for it, uses his jab and sets everything up. I dont think he'd get the oppertunity to take it down.

None the less, he's probably the best wrestler ever in the UFC, and Anderson is very weak to wrestling.
Anderson hardly ever actually tries last time he did was in the second round against Okami where he was moving and he looked like he was actually mad. Anderson doesn't try very hard until he's in danger which is almost never. He is the cockiest fighter around, if he truly tried to stop the takedowns he'd do a lot better but he doesn't give a shit. I'd say he's underrated because most fights he comes out just to screw around
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