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Originally Posted by FBrown View Post
Folks can hate Chael all they want but at the end of the day, isn't he doing his job? If you worked in retail, you'd try to sell products. If you fight, you try to sell yourself as a fighter. Either way, come fight day...Chael is gonna march right towards Jones and bring the fight.
Not really. If a refrigerator salesman tried to sell me a fridge by telling me how he'd slap my wife's butt if I didn't buy it, I'd take the fridge and shove it right up his ass.

There are lines you don't cross, selling doesn't make everything ok.

As for fight night, Chael is going to march right towards Jones and get tooled in less than a round by a bigger, better, stronger wrestler with hatchets for elbows. I hope he enjoys the beating he's managed to gab his way into.
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