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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Not trying to be a dick, but theres something I have never understood. How can someone be a brave hero, fighting to protect their country...whilst in another country? I don't get how an American soldier in Iraq is doing anything other than supressing local militia while the government **** the land's natural resources. It's always been a wierd statement to me. If I was to join the army, it'd be for my own reasons, and I've been close to joining the British and Irish armies on a few occasions. But I wouldnt be pretendinng to myself that I'm the good guy. America won the war by fending off the English who were trying to invade their land, becoming a heroic nation, right? Then how can the Iraqis not be considered heros in fending off the Americans who are currently invading their land?

Also, if someone wants to throw 9/11 at me as a reason for why America have to be present in the Middle East, then I'll throw down hiroshima and nagosaki at your ass. Pearl Harbour happens every day in Bagdad, and 9/11 was nothing more than a less malicious version of what the American military did in Japan those years ago.

My view:- If you're fighting a war in a country which isn't your own, YOU are the bad guy. Wether that be America in Middle East, Isreal in Palestine, or when the Scots tried to take over English land. The 'Taliban' is just a more heavily propagandanized (huh?) version of the IRA.

Out of box thinking, unfortunately somewhat tainted.

Get one thing straight. Soldiers do not get involved with politics. They are there to follow orders and enforce the policy. I would invite you to express your opinions on military boards if you feel that strongly about it. I on the other hand am open minded and see where you are coming from.

The Brits colonized America. America decided to revolt and form their own independent sovereign nation. The cassus belli was "taxation without representation." Then as a message they decided to dump tea over board; Boston Tea Party. I visited a lot of these historical sites, but anyone could tell you the story. It wasn't an invasion. The Brits set up base in New York then tried to get the colonists under control which they failed because of the minute men who engaged in guerilla warfare. Something ironically the US has dealt with in Vietnam (containment) and Afghanistan (control of the regions for possible economic reasons).

Majority US soldiers were engaged in the European theater and were about to be recalled to Japan. To save US lives, time, and resources they warned Japan to surrender. They also wanted to send a clear msg this is what happens when you bomb the USA first at Pearl Harbour. Clyde, do you even know why the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour, why specifically there without Googling it. They did not capitulate therefore the second bomb dropped and soon after they surrendered. Perhaps you should read about the Nanking Massacre ( Imagine them occupying your homeland, you would think much differently. Japan did not follow the rules of conduct. Japan had much to atone to.

What you say trivializes the soldiers there who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their nations. Perhaps you would feel differently if it were a family member or friend who served and didn't make it back home. We don't have to agree with the war, but we have to accept it as it is and salute them nonetheless.

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