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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
You wanna see Condit lose again in exactly the same way, just like 90% of this board predicted? Condit needs to improve before he deserves another shot.

Just curious where you heard this? Did GSP say that?

When you cut water weight you can put it all back on in one day. Silva weighs closer to 200 lbs come fight time, basically meaning they are *gasp* - wait for it - about 15 lbs or one division apart come fight time the way they are now.

That isn't including the other enormous advantage of height and reach.

GSP isn't saying he can't take the fight at this weight, he's just saying that it would be a big difference in size, and GSP would rather bulk up than just jump weight classes.

It also sounds like GSP doesn't want to give Anderson his "cherry" on his ice cream sundae, or whatever, when it might **** up the legacy he is still trying to build. Anderson gets his send off fight and GSP is kind of in limbo (if he truly can't go back down after bulking up).

Good job taking the second quote completely out of context. GSP is saying that there is still relevant money to be made in his division, and that he can still make good money without going for the big one. GSP also continues to say, in the same sentence, right after you cut it off, several reasons other than money that he fights for. So...yeah...
Yes, GSP said it at the press conference for the shields fight, he said he was already bulking up during the whold build up and i think he said it at the pre fight PC and the post fight PC...his trainers also said he was 193 AND that he had cutting weight down to a science to the point that come fight night he is able to put all his weight back so at the time of the shields fight, according to what his trainers said he would be 193

Now i dont have a link for you or anything so you can doubt me if you want obviously, but i know this for a fact..thats why i think its wierd how he says he is 188 now

also andy is usually between 198-202 on fight night...i dont think the difference would be 15 pounds it would be more like 10...thats not that big of a difference man, GSP is the best wrestler in MMA, 10 pounds shouldnt make a difference when it comes to taking someone down...especially someone with average TDD like Anderson

the height advantage is pretty much the same one that condit had...did it make that much of a difference? also the reach advantage, if we go by UFC stats, would be less than an inch...if im not mistaken Andys reach is listed as 77.5 while GSPs is listed as 77

now i doubt this is accurate...Anderson has much longer arms but if they measure the reach from the shoulders then that would explain why their reach is similar, since GSPs shoulders seem to be much wider than andersons

still...Anderson wouldnt use his size to win this fight, his striking will win it...he could be 15 pounds lighter it wouldnt really matter...he would catch him just like Condit was able to catch him...the difference is when Anderson catches you he finishes.

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