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I still reject it. For example, if you are a felon you cannot legally own a gun, possess a gun (that includes any type of touching), buy a gun, sell a gun, hunt, etc, etc. Yet the problem with most violent crime is repeat offenders. How did mobsters continue to get guns despite they couldn't legally own guns? How do gang members in East LA get guns where they have felonys by the time they aren't even old enough to own a gun? As far as Prohibition goes. Prohibition on alcohol was a real success.. NOT, Prohibition on marijuana has been a real success.. NOT. If people want something bad enough they'll get it. If people want to do something bad enought, they'll do it.

What stricter regulations? Age limit, background check, criminals cannot own guns, must take a safety course, own a permit, etc? Of course it varies by state, but like (I think you) you said - the problem is criminal stealing guns. Then what good does stricter regulations do?
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