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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
The thing is he let Sonnen take him down, like how he let Okami have a chance, like how he let Bonnar have a chance. He doesn't fight back in the first most of the time because he likes to break his opponents will, Anderson may have been taken down by Sonnen but he wanted it to happen. He wanted Sonnen to be on top so that after the first when Sonnen did absolutely no damage his will would break, that's why he was hardly moving around or doing anything. You think the best fighter in the world just lays there when he doesn't want someone on top of him? He wanted it to happen. Watch his fights again, more closely. He literally let Bonnar punch him in the face, he let Okami try to push him around. The only time he never plays into the other guys strength is if they are BJJ only. I've seen Anderson's training, he lays on his back and gets punched in the face over and over on purpose practicing absorbing punches.
I dont think he let Bonnar take him down. Silva went out like a rocket and was looking for a one punch KO straight away. A bad move, and Bonnar did what he always does and took it down. Anderson wasnt moving because of the first fight, and to be fair it was a huge improvement. He used his bottom BJJ to stifle Sonnen and not allow him to work, where as in the first fight he wore Anderson down with his usual GnP from the guard. Anderson kept him there, took no damage as he had trained that way, and in the next round managed to impliment his TDD training a bit better. I dont think he'd have risked it with Sonnen. He knew had badly his ass got beat in the first, and this time he HAD to win.

Agree with Bonnar and Okami though. I just think Anderson's subs and TDD is overrated. He doesnt want to be on the ground, and to me doesnt look greatly active on the bottom position, where as Maia would be dangerous with subs and sweeps and his opponent would probably eventually stand up.

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