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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Happens all the time.

Happens all the time.

Fact? Hmmm... interesting definition.

Do you know what "run of the mill" means? If so, please tell me more...

He *should* have? Really? Because??

All in all....
I don't think 2 quick KO's, 2 splits, and a loss to Rick Story is crazy impressive. You do. Big deal.

Am I sitting here saying Hendricks isn't the clear next in line at 170? No. I am saying I would rather see ANderson focking Silva vs. Georges focking St. Pierre. #1 vs #2. Sorry.

Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
The thing is you are showing your ignorance of mma in true stride right here. Anyone that understands skillsets and how mma strategies works knows GSP has little to no chance against Anderson, this is based on objective analysis. When you know how much better Anderson is than GSP and you add to the fact that he's bigger, well if someone has to explain it to you you're already lost.

I won't even bother getting into it because your hate fueled ignorant rants aren't even worth a response, go on in your fairy tale world getting angry when people correct your ignorance. don't be surprised when you don't get the responses you hope for when you talk like you do though. Get over yourself, I'm not even sure what your username is, I just responded to the comment.

edit: johnyg... I've never even seen you before, do you have mental issues?
My whole point is some people truly believe GSP would win. I have seen many of posters say it with a straight internet face. They may be bias, but I am also bias as I like Anderson and don't care too much for GSP. But either way people are both sides. Yea, more people think Anderson wins. But their has to be a favorite.

I'm not even going to get into your other gibberish. Bottom line is some people like myself want to see #1 vs. #2 at a catchweight. Just like we wanted to see Randy vs. Chuck back in the day. Like we were hyped for Penn/GSP. Hell I was amped as hell for Hendo/Fedor and thought going in that it was a legendary matchup. This superfight in my eyes is even more fair as they would be meeting at a catch. Sorry I want to see the 2 best fighters go at it over Johnny Hendricks/GSP. Many people call GSP the best wrestler in all of MMA. Sorry that I want to see the best fighter who has wrestling weakness to test himself vs. "the best wrestler in all of MMA". You sit and act like Jones/Anderson should happen...I agree with you. Both should happen. In my perfect world Anderson would fight GSP now at 178. Go beat Weidman and maybe Bisping at 185. Then fight J0nes at 205 and retire win or lose. Sorry that I want legendary fights. Sorry I'm sick of watching GSP destroy every challenger by a lopsided decision. Sorry I don't see what Hendricks has other than heavy hands. He said he would wait. Let him wait. No one should makes Georges fight and that fight is in the rear-view now. Just wish everyone could have came to this conclusion last year...or the year before...or at least while GSP was rehabbing.

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