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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Power is the equalizer my friend. Kampmann is miles ahead of johnny didn't matter. Thing with Hendrickson you don't get second chances he can make a hundred mistakes and you need to only make one and it's over. Reminds me some of Henderson. I think George would beat him but I wouldn't be shocked if johnny stuffed a take down and counter wrestled long enough to land a shot like Condit did.

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The Fitch KO was nice. Fitch doesn't have much striking, but he doesn't let that happen to him. The Kampmann KO I could see from a mile away. Kampmann wasn't going to out-wrestle him, so striking it was. Kampmann seems to love to get smashed in teh face whenever he fights. Hendricks isn't the guy you want smashing you in the face. Kampmann's defense is some of the worst in MMA.

A power strikerisn't going to beat GSP in my opinion, not unless they are technical on top of it. Sure Hendricks can send anyone in that division to the mat. But when GSP has a whole training camp to gameplan around a powerful left hand, I'm sure he can and will avoid it. Hendricks could stuff a TD, but not many.

Hey maybe it happens. Would be awesome. It is basically a different version of the Kos fight. Kos is the better wrestler but Hendricks has more 1 punch power. But they were both non-technical, cocked hand, wrestlers. Difference is GSP will probably have an easier time getting Hendricks down and gassing him before Hendricks can display any hand power.
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