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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Cant say I disagree with any of this.

If Hendricks is relying on only landing the left hand then i can see it being a very long night for him if he fights GSP.
Hendricks is a real good wrestler on paper. For this fight he should really go back to Ok St. and refine his wrestling. If he could come out and stuff multiple TDs it may get in GSP's head. While he has a crazed bearded man running around at him with his fist cocked.

I like Hendricks. I like his reaction when he KO's dudes. But I just don't see him bringing anything more to the table than anyone else. All GSP's opponents usually have 1 aspect that "gives them a chance" or an overrated aspect that people cling too. Condit was the most well-rounded of any recently and he did the best.

Kos has wrestling to match, but everyone overrated his KO ability.

Shields had positional BJJ and solid wrestling. He had no chance other than a 2nd eye poke because he wasn't going to get TDs and GSP wasn't going to sit in his guard.

Alves not even sure what he had. T-rex arms so maybe someone thought he could Matt Serra him...I don't know.

Fitch not sure what he offered. Toughness I guess which he showed.
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