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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
You have totally belittled his achievements. You have somehow managed to turn two quick stoppages against two very high level WW's into a negative. Do you know how utterly ridiculous that sounds? It's like saying Anderson Silvas performance against Forrest was unimpressive because it was so easy. Is that how you feel?

You have essentially written off the most impressive WW run in recent memory. And just to show your inconsistency, you write off the Fitch and Kampmann victories becuase they we're so short... and also write off a hard earned victory against Koscheck. So what exactly does he need to do to impress you?

Just admit you dont like a fighter. Thats what I do. I dont dance around dressing my biased opinions in some kind of logic. Bollocks.

I dont want GSP to drop the WW belt and go up to 185.I dont want Silva killing himself making 170. Nothing is gonna shift me from this point of view.
No I haven't. I said it wasn't THAT impressive to me. It isn't impressive enough to make me want that fight more than Anderson/GSP. I said he is the clear cut #1 contender. But it isn't some magical title fight that I can't wait to see.

Didn't think it was that hard to grasp. This is an Anderson Silva/GSP thread. Stay on topic.

I'm a fan of Hendricks you goof. Doesn't mean I need to think he has a shot vs. GSP. Is that too hard to understand?

Cool you don't want GSP to move up. Do you want a prize? We have different opinions. You want to see another title fight vs. the next contender. I want to see the mega fight. We get it.
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