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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
no one is ignoring that fact. It sucks... But his religious views suck too.

How did the fire start btw? Iv not read anything explaining that.

And no God didn't start it...

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That is a highly subjective statement.

I'm not saying become a Christian or anything, but when someone such as Dennis goes through the problems he's been through being cut from the UFC and having his family involved in some of his other troubling affairs, the last thing he needs is for someone bash him just because he doesn't have the same outlook as they do. Maybe he has done some shitty things, but in the grand aspect of things, who hasn't?

You can't just see things only through your perspective and think that your way of believing things is the almighty idealology. I don't know what your personal beliefs are, but imagine if you just got fired from your job, then your house burned down and you lost all your precious belongings, and you have virtually no way to pay for the damage that has been done. How would you feel if people bypassed your situation only to regress to the fact that what you believe in, they considered to have "sucked"?

I certainly don't believe that "God" or "Jesus Christ" started the fire, and I can tell you don't either. But whether he believes God, a Flying Spaghetti monster, or an invisible Giant Fire breathing dragon started the fire should not surmount the detrimental situation that he's in right now.
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