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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
So those against the US being in the Middle East. How do you feel about what happened with both Saddam and Osama? Did they do the right thing by capturing/killing these men?
I won't pretend I know the whole score, but both were wanted in their own countries more so by America were they not? They were hailed by some, and murderers to others. It's the kind of situation where a mate of mine is a drug dealer, and he's a sound guy, but if he gets his face smashed in for dodgey dealing tommorow I'll know he deserved it. Saddam and Osama weren't just enemies to the US, they were tyrants and powerless dictators. They didnt have the power to control an entire country but sacrifices their own people in order to fuel a vendetta against America. They would always have to be eliminated because their threat would have stengthened with America searching for peace.

I'm not against war. I'm not a hippy who thinks the world can like harmoniously. If MGS has taught me anything, it's that the war economy is a massive industry, and oil being an added goal at the end of it only boosts the profits. I just wouldnt fool myself into thinking that I'm one of the heros. It's like a henchman for a mod boss believing that he is one of the good guys. I'm pretty sure this vid sums it up...

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