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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
In terms of likeliness, from most to least likely, I'd say:

1. Dragon
2. God
3. Spaghetti Monster
Thing is, we have undeniable proof that spaghetti exists... And the dragon myth exists because ancient people came across dinosaur bones...

So I'd say it goes

1. Spaghetti monster
2. Dragons

3. god.

And I think most of us aren't holding Hallman's christianity against him. Be a christian, great, no problem. Hallman is a christian fundamentalist though, that belives in the rapture. That's the scary stuff because it involves other people's families/kids being left on earth after the return of the christ to be torn apart by demons.

Being a moderate christian, or a moderate muslim or a moderate jew, is all more similar to each other than any of those beliefs are to being a christian fundamentalist, muslim fundamentalist or jewish fundamentalist.

It's the fundamentalism that makes it scary, not the specific religion. We like to think christianity isn't scary like the other religions but it wasn't that long ago that christians were burning people at the stake and drowning them in cages.

Nothing wrong with faith, but rejoicing in, or looking forward to the punishment of people who were brought up to believe in a different god than you, or no god at all, is just a sociopathic as rejoicing when someone with a different skin colour than you gets hit by a bus.

And people wondering where 'hatred' (read: fear) or religious fundamentalism comes from, I suggest some reading.

Start with the Spanish Inquisition, the crusades, the Salem witch trials, 9/11, Israel/Palestine conflict, the hale bopp (heaven's gate) comet cult, the catholic church and their history of protecting pedophiles... and on and on and on...

and one more time, I'll reiterate, big Hallman (the fighter) fan, he's a true pioneer, and it's a tragic what's happened to him in the last few months. But when someone allows a few bad breaks to turn them into a fundamentalist, of ANY religion, I lose a bit of respect. We've all had bad times in our lives, but most of us never thought 'gee I hope god comes to earth and punishes everyone else.'

sorry for the essay.

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