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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
So Rory is a dude on roids who got screwed by Yamasaki the half mexican that was biased to a guy named Carlos in a fight he didn't even referee.

Nice thread. Continue.


Perhaps I got confused. It seems I misremembered the fight and thought Yamaski was the ref. I apologise for my ignorance. I still believe the fight should not have been stopped with only a few seconds to go, though. Carlos only started winning halfway through the 3rd, too, so it was not a 10/8 as you call it.

Oooh, race baiting. Shocking coming from you.
I am not sure what you are implying, but I said nothing disrespectful about anybody's race. All I did was mention that there could be some cultural bias towards Carlos Condit had Mario Yamaski refereed the fight, that is all. Clearly I was wrong as KRY pointed out there was a different ref. I don't want to get into any race related discussions because I feel you are too sensitive on the matter and you are clearly looking for an excuse to ban me.

Lets just talk MMA, my friends.
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