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Make/reccomend me a workout program

Hi guys, I'm new here and would appreciate your expertise in building me a workout program. I will keep in mind that I shouldn't leave out important info and be to the point.

1)What are your goals?
I am looking for a program that will help me stay fit and healthy for what I do on a daily basis, and also prevent injury in what I do. This is the focus of the program, not bulking up or bodybuilding, though I have only admiration for those guys.
-I do 10 hours daily of computer usage, and playing hunched over with musical instruments, which is a fasttrack to RSI and other injuries, that I have experienced in the past and have fully recovered from at this time. I am prone towards bad posture and rsi type injuries. I need a program that will keep my upper body strong, and flexible, focus on great posture, and taking care of the upper body joints, nerves, muscles and tendons, and prevent injury.
-Additionally I sing for 5 hours daily so I need the program to help me physically do that(strong and flexible core, neck, jaw) and prevent injury form overstraining from lack of fitness.
-Besides keeping me healthy for these activities I need it to be a good general fitness program, and condition me for skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, and running.

2) What is your fitness level?
Moderate Advanced, have always keep very fit/flexible through sports and exercise in general.

3)What are the limits on your program?
I have to do the exercises without any equipment or gear.It needs to work in a small space. I can do up to three hours daily, and want to exercise everyday cause it feels like a good warmup/prep for the activities I do daily.

4) What specific things does the program need to include?
Warmup, stretches, cooldown, numbers of sets and reps, order to do it in.

It would be great if you guys can make up a program for me, please ask if you need more info.

I am 23 years old, 130-140 pounds, 5 foot 5
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