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Proud German
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I do not fight professionally, but I am training MMA with a focus on wrestling and kickboxing. I used to wrestle a lot at school and during my university diploma and I was good enough that I was recommended to train in USA. I like to wrestle and it saved my life. I used to get bullied at school until I started wrestling.

One day this man came into the gym where I train and started saying, 'anybody like to spar? I will give anybody 300 euros to anybody who can beat me in an unofficial fight'. This man looked to way about 98 kilos. I'm 85 kilos but I was not afraid and believed in my skills so I took the challenge.

We started circling each other until I sudden double leg takedown him to the ground and pounded him. I kept changing positions to confuse and bewilder hi so that when I would pound him, his body system would feel pain everywhere, and want to shut down. The worst moment for him came when I got his back and thrusted my hips deep into his ribs. Nobody was trying to stop it, I was surprised. Nobody pulled me off this man, they just stood there silenced. I then turned him and managed to get in a crucifix position for about a min. At 98 kilos, he was strong, not weak. But i'm 85kilos and I felt stronger than him for some reason.. I was surprised at how long he was enduring this until then I started pounding his face in from side control and he said he wanted to stop.

I got up and shook his hand but obviously he was upset. He started crying, lol. My intention was not to embarrass this man, but to show him he can't assume he can beat anybody just because he's from another country because there is ALWAYS somebody better than you.
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