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Originally Posted by TheNinja View Post
GSP is never going to be known as the "greatest of all time" He won't Even be top 2. He will be the greatest WW ever, but the dude is a beast and a coward at the same time. He doesn't take risks, never has. Everything he has evr done has been calculated. Even most of his fights aren't note worthy. I mean how many spectacular finishes does GSP have compared to guys like Anderson Silva, Fedor, Jon Jones... This stuff matters when your talking about GOAT.

To most people Silva will always people the greatest ever. The guy has fought in multiple weight classes. He takes huge risks in his fights and he's exciting. Jon Jones could possibly eclipse Silva because he is the same way. He takes risks in his fights, finishes people and wants to move up in weight and challenge himself.

I'm sorry, GSP is the man at 170lbs but he is afraid to take risks, and that makes him a coward.
I don't agree on the finishing part, he's already eclipsed Hughes who had some great finishes, whose to say he can't eclipse Anderson? Anderson has spectacular wins in amazing fashion, the front kick on Vitor, clowning Forrest, last second submission over Chael but GSP until the Shields fight hadn't lost a round in forever and that was partly because he got poked in the eye. Both guys are extremely dominant in different ways. So I don't think GSP needs to finish guys in order to take Anderson's spot, and I think he, Anderson, and Fedor are clearly the best fighters of all time atm.

Let's face the facts though if Anderson does fight Weidman next or whoever for that matter and he loses I guarantee you people will start saying GSP is p4p number 1 and with a few more defenses he's the GOAT. The thing Anderson has over everyone is he's undefeated, if he losses that zero then people will see him differently.

If Anderson went down, beat GSP and then went up and beat Jones he'd lock down that status as GOAT because that's something that very likely would never be accomplished again, but for now I think GSP can still eclipse him and establish his own legacy. The topic of "Who is the GOAT?" is very much a game of "what have you done for me lately?" Which is why Fedor's ten years of perfection isn't brought up anymore, Anderson could change that if he can beat GSP and Jones.

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