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Originally Posted by guycanada View Post
Ufc 145 did 700,000 buys, and thats largely because of Rashad Evans....

Jon Jones isn't a big PPV draw, he stats show it..

Ufc 152 vs Vitor Belfort - 450k (125 Title, Bisping vs Stann)

*Ufc 145 vs Rashad Evans - 700k (McDonald vs Mills)
-Rashad is the draw and the rivalry

Ufc 140 vs Lyoto Machida - 485k (Mir vs Nog, Ortiz vs Lil Nog, )3

*Ufc 135 vs Rampage - 520k (Hughes vs Koscheck)
-Once again a bitter rivalry and Rampage was still popular

Ufc 128 vs Rua - 490k (Faber vs Wineland)

Rashad has eclipsed 1 million twice, Ufc 92 (Griffin) and Ufc 114 (Rampage), Ufc 98 (Machida) had 635k PPV buys..

"Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reports that the event, which was headlined by the grudge match between Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and his former training partner Rashad Evans, pulled in a very impressive 700,000 PPV buys, up 200,000 from his headliner at UFC 140 opposite Lyoto Machida, solidifying Jones as the UFC's newest top draw."
Yeah i actually believe Rashad is a bigger draw than JBJ at this moment, maybe after TUF that will change but up until this point Rashad has always pulled bigger numbers than JBJ, Rashad actually made JBJ

and sonnen being a top draw is a myth, Anderson has always been a much bigger draw than sonnen individually, and their fight was pretty much the closest we could get to a superfight and thats why it sold so well, because of both of them

IMO the biggest draws individually are

#1 - GSP
#2 - Rashad
#3 - Anderson
#4 - JBJ
#5 - im not even sure about #5...bisping? mir? penn? (though penn is another overrated myth about being pulling big ppv buys)
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