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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Well I'd rather be a moron than prejudice haha.

But I don't know if Hendricks' ju-jitsu is that good but he's got a bigger chance of beating GSP than Nick does imo. I would take his left hand over Nick's ju-jitsu, personally.
I'd say a slightly bigger chance yeah, although I think Nick doesnt really have a lot of trouble with Hendricks if they faught. Hendricks has the left, which is always giving a fighter a big chance with a KO. I dont think JJ is the way to beat GSP. I think his ground style doesnt really allow him to be too open to submissions these days (although I saw some openings Vs Condit so theres still a very good chance). I think for Diaz to win, GSP would have to try and strike early like he did with Condit. Diaz would have to smash him up in that round, which I think he could, and if it went down he'd have to be VERY dangerous with submissions (putting the fear into GSP's head). Then in the second, he'd have to keep it standing at distance, but really pick up his cutting off the cage and spin GSP onto the cage on occasions and work with the body shots. The longer the fight goes on, the more tired GSP gets, and Diaz would be able to tee off a bit in the late rounds. It'd be all about his gameplan in the second. If he allows GSP to have success, he will never get desperate as the fight progresses and thats when Diaz is put out of his own rhythm. He likes to put people on the cage, make them desperate, and then easily work from that. Would be such a hard fight for him to win, but its the biggest fight for him at his weight class and you can respect anyone campeigning for that magnitude of a fight.

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