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Originally Posted by Leed View Post
Nice, hit me up on steam when you do. I only started this Monday so I'm just getting a hang of it, but it's very addictive. I didn't think that after WoW I'll be this much into a game again.
Just played a game now, I'm a total noob as it's not quite the way I remember it, (couldn't figure out how to use my healing salve till about 20 minutes in), but holy balls it was fun. Most fun I've had gaming in a long time. It's a really addicting game.

Edit: Well I'm not a total noob as even though I haven't played Dota for a couple of years now I still know some of the basics like how to move around the map and when to target heroes and when to target towers and things like that. But I'm really out of touch on the hero pool. Think I'm gonna go read up on it now. I was just waiting for an excuse to begin playing Dota again. It's sooooooooo much fun.

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