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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
What's everybodies deal with GSP's comments? He said his happy for them but he personally isn't watching women fight. He never disrespected them or doubted their abilities. Just his personal opinion and didn't say everybody has to feel the same way.
As Ronda says he said it as nicely and politically correct way he could. That doesn't mean where he was coming from was disappointing to her.

She probably feels that he has been in many gyms with women practicing BJJ and TK along side him. She is a Judo. There is/was a woman like Cyborg. She feels that GSP as a martial artist should appreciate their skills and backing their existence to compete and show those skills on that level.

I've been against Women in the UFC but not Women's MMA. I'm just not interested in whatever kind of division they put together. I am interested in Ronda. But it about stops there.

GSP didn't say anything wrong. But she probably felt like he would back women in the sport more than that and not making it seem cringe-worthy.

Originally Posted by Harness View Post
I'm not gonna lie, I only clicked on this topic because I saw "Ronda Rousey" and "sex".
Agreed. If I were her boyfriend I would be pushing Dana for more fights. She's probably wild as hell the week before the fight. Judo Chop!
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