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Diaz poses basically no threat to GSP. He doesn't have one punch knockout power, so he's not getting a flash KO on GSP. And does anyone think his wear-you-down pitter patter is going to work on GSP?

If GSP gets lit up slowly, he'll just take Diaz down at the start of each round and keep him there. And Diaz has nowhere near the off-your-back BJJ skills necessary to threaten Georges from bottom. When was the last time he even came close to threatening off his back? The gogo he landed on Gomi (who has no wrestling and is not comparable to GSP) was not off his back, it's a specific technique used during sloppy take-downs on tired opponents.

How does Diaz win exactly? I just don't see it. At least Hendricks could land a left or defend a TD long enough to threaten standing, say for example if GSP underestimates him like Fitch. But Diaz? I just don't see any style there where he could threaten GSP. He is never going to defend the TD, he won't be knocking GSP out clean, he won't be taking GSP down (lmao) to work subs from top...Do people think he's going to win a decision somehow?

Diaz supporters please tell me what his gameplan would be to defeat GSP, otherwise this fight just seems boring.


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